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Mathe Wecker

Löse Matheaufgaben, um den Wecker auszuschalten.

Mache Dir nie wieder sorgen darüber, dass Du Deinen Wecker unbewusst ausschalten könntest.
Die Matheaufgaben sind sehr einfach, wecken Dich aber garantiert auf!


  • "So etwas habe ich immer gesucht !Endlich verschlafe ich nicht zur Arbeit..."
  • "Diese App ist das was ich immer wollte. Man muss sein kopf erstmal ans laufen kriegen bevor man den Wecker ausschalten kann. 5 Sterne"
  • “I have become a morning person.”
  • ...

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  • Mathe Wecker - iphone1
Hast Du morgens Probleme aus dem Bett zu kommen?
Bist Du es leid, den morgendlichen Kampf gegen Deinen Wecker zu verlieren?
Willst Du die perfekte Methode, um pünktlich aus dem Bett zu kommen – wann immer und wo immer Du auch bist?
Dann brauchst Du den Mathe Wecker!


  • Mehrere Wecker
  • Wähle die Anzahl der Matheaufgaben aus
  • Stelle den Schwierigkeitsgrad der Matheaufgaben ein
  • Wähle Deinen Klingelton aus


Nie wieder verschlafen!
Stell Dir vor wieviel mehr Du schaffen könntest und was für einen positiven Effekt es auf Deine Gesundheit geben könnte.

Gewinn die Kontrolle über Deinen Morgen zurück!
Hol dir den Mathe Wecker jetzt!
Du verbesserst nicht nur Dein Aufwachen… Du veränderst Dein Leben!


  • “Ganz egal wasn tut er schmeißt dich ausm Bett, ich hasse diesen Wecker, versteht mich ned falsch ich liebe ihn aber er nervt :D 5 Sterne”
  • “Läuft alles sehr gut, auch batterieschonend…”
  • “This app is amazing!… I definitely recommend getting it!”
  • “Fantastic!! Works like a charm…”
  • “This app is amazing!… I definitely recommend getting it!”
  • “Fantastic!! Works like a charm…”
  • “I have become a morning person.”
  • “Able to wake up with an active mind…”
  • “Hands down best alarm on app store. …”
  • “This app is what I always wanted. …”
  • “This is the best application in app store!!! …”
  • “This will get you up”
  • “Wakes your brain up”
  • “Now I don’t need to set many alarms to wake up! …”
  • “Concept of this app is really awesome…”
  • “Easy to use app. Worth to try.”
  • “Simple but useful app”
  • “Irritating, but definitely gets you up…”
  • “Very good app to use if you don’t destroy your phone first lol”
  • “I used to turn my alarms off in my sleep. I had no memory of doing this. This app solved my problem!”
  • “Amazing”
  • “It gets your brain working when your trying to push yourself out of bed…”
  • “A very smart app that works surprisingly well”
  • “I cannot wake up in the morning without this, thank you!”
  • “Best alarm!!”
  • “… the math isn’t too hard, it just gets your mind thinking (which is the point)”
  • “This is an amazing app. It really makes you wake up by forcing your brain to get active :D …”
  • “This is one of the best alarm clock! Before I had to setup more than 5 alarms to wake, but now I don’t have to do that! Thanks!”
  • “I used to have 6+ alarms set each morning but now all I need is one thanks to this annoying but effective app. …”
  • “It works when the phone is locked or when in another app which some other alarms don’t, so convenient and saves battery. …”
  • “I used to turn off my alarms in my sleep, this actually gets me up and wakes my brain up so I don’t fall back asleep!”
  • “Exactly What I Was Looking For”
  • “IT WORKS”
  • “Thank God For This App”
  • “This alarm is amazing. It is the only alarm that has ever gotten me up and aware enough to understand what I’m doing and not turn off alarms or go back to sleep. …”
  • “Seriously, this app is perfection and I am super thankful for it.”
  • “This is the best alarm I’ve had in years…”
  • “It gets your brain working which gets and keeps you up. This is Must download”
  • “One of few things that will actually wake me up especially when I have to get up!!! I definitely recommend it. A+”
  • “ingenious”
  • “Painful but Effective”
  • “Love it”
  • “Having to think really forces you to wake up… “
  • “It requires me to be awake before I hit snooze and had thus been helpful with correcting my oversleeping!”
  • “Haven’t been late since I downloaded this”
  • “I can sleep through any alarm but this one”
  • “I actually love this app.”
  • “This alarm saved my job.”
  • “The best out of all the free math alarm in the AppStore!”
  • “First time I’ve actually gotten up for my 8am class this semester. “
  • “The problems aren’t hard, but you have to put enough concentration into it so that you can use order of operations.”
  • “Helps wake me up in the morning!”
  • “Awesome way to get up and get going.”
  • “nothing outnumbers this. get it?”
  • “Thanks for waking me up every morning and getting me where I need to be…”
  • “This app is a real life saver it has actually forced me to wake up in order to turn it off which is great because I haven’t been late for work since I started using it”
  • “Free app. Works great also with locked displey.”
  • “Like changed my life to be able to wake up in the morning!”
  • “If you have issues with getting because of the snooze button this app is for you!!”
Verfügbar für iPhone.

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